Three X Three

For the next three days, three times a day, I will be gently reading this poem, “Desiderata”, out loud to myself.  I believe the discipline as well as the sound of my own voice will be a healing gesture to my inner spirit, a chance to be proactive in my wellness.  😀   “Go placidly … More Three X Three

Dead Sara

Dead Sara

I recently had the privilege of shooting Dead Sara for High Voltage Magazine. Not long after the shoot, I heard their song “Weatherman” on the radio! I cranked it up, and car-danced my ass off lol!

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Blessed Mom

Confusion and doubt abound in my life today.  It’s unsettling, and I seem to be able to see only the very worst in myself.  The only consistent is the absolute knowledge that I love, respect and adore my children. Three completely unique and amazing adults, my kidlings are a source of pride and stability for … More Blessed Mom

Voice Lessons

It happened slowly, methodically, almost painlessly.  The debilitating pain would come later, when I became aware of the successful severance of my vocal cords.  The right to speak up for myself.  It has left me with a diminished ability to defend myself against both the benign and the most pathological of predators. One day recently … More Voice Lessons