Blessed Mom

Confusion and doubt abound in my life today.  It’s unsettling, and I seem to be able to see only the very worst in myself.  The only consistent is the absolute knowledge that I love, respect and adore my children.

Three completely unique and amazing adults, my kidlings are a source of pride and stability for me.  Even though our relationship has undergone much strain with life changes in the past few months, my love for them has only grown stronger and has never wavered.

It’s incredible to me that they have half my DNA.  Their father has never disappointed me in the way he has partnered with me to parent them, and it’s to his credit that my babies have grown up to be such productive, honest and loving people.

I’d like to think I had some part in developing their character and sense of values.  It’s hard right now, knowing they are struggling with understanding, as well as disappointed and hurt with the choices I’ve made at this time to survive, but I have hope that they have been raised to process their feelings, work them through, and that the love they experienced in our home will triumph.

I am truly blessed.


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