The Gift of Boredom: How To Find YOUR Passion!

Feeling bored?  GOOD!

In this world of fancy gadgets, time saving appliances and an empty nest, I’ve found myself with-gasp!-“me time”.  Lots of me time!  When my children were small, I prayed for such a gift.  When I finally got what I asked for, I unexpectedly found I was bored to tears.  No amount of reading, knitting, movie watching, shopping or spa days filled the long hours of this homemaker’s life.  So many women I’ve spoken with, are faced with this same scenario.  I challenge them to see boredom as a gift, a chance to reconnect with the passions of their youth, and fulfill their purpose in life.

How did I begin my challenge?  It wasn’t until someone asked me a simple question that the rusty wheels in my creative brain began to lurch forward.  What did I love to do between the ages of eight and twelve?  What made my heart beat faster, made me exhale with a loud ahhhhhhh?  What ignited my senses in such a way that I felt alive and focused?

Narrowing the field:  Finding your Passion

When I was twelve years old, I received an Instamatic camera as a gift.  Armed with my new toy, I attended my younger brother’s football game one crisp autumn morning.  At half time, he and his ten year old teammates were huddled around their beloved coach, listening for instructions.  I quietly snapped a shot of my brother, his face a study of deep concentration.  When I received the developed prints from that day, my father stared at that one capture for a long time, eventually granting me a rare compliment.  He had never noticed my writing, love of sewing or handcrafts, but he DID notice my talent for photography.  I was hooked.

That was the memory that set me on my path to battling boredom and finding my passion.  Now in my early fifties, I picked up my camera again to revisit that rush, that gift, that challenge I first experienced as a child.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I found that my adult eye captured images that my child’s eye wasn’t experienced enough in life to see, and began to use editing software to help my images become the visual art that my heart saw as well.


For the first time in my life, I have something that is solely mine.  Keeping it to myself, however, proved to be empty, indeed. Using my gift to be of service, I began photographing struggling musicians to promote their music.  My true purpose came when I used my camera to help women see their natural beauty.  It became a way to use my hobby in a constructive and loving light. To say I’m grateful for the gift of boredom, is an understatement!

How have you discovered your life’s passion?  How do you share it with the world?  I’d love to hear about your experiences!


4 thoughts on “The Gift of Boredom: How To Find YOUR Passion!

  1. So much truth in this , you have a fabulous way with words that makes me feel the passion and go along for the ride ! I squealed with delight and got shivers when you mentioned the instamatic camera ! So many memories flooded back ,that put big smiles on my face . Loved this . Thank you

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