And it begins…

I felt confident and so sure last night while I saved photos of funky, spiky, short hair cuts for my stylist to peruse before she put her scissors to my shoulder length hair today.

my hair color and length today.

Now I’m terrified.

Chopping off my hair is a necessary evil to get to the end result of growing out my natural hair color.  I’m aware that I’m going through the grieving process.  It helps to know my feelings are normal for this type of change.

Here are some images that I’ll glean my new style from:

I was told once that there are two kinds of fear.  The first tells me to run like hell;  the other tells me that I really want to do or accomplish what is ahead of me, and I’m simply frightened of the unknown.  I’m certain my fear is the latter.

I’m reminding myself how excited I am to get to my natural hair color.  That will ease the wee panic I’m experiencing now.  I trust my stylist;  I know she’ll help me choose the style that best suits my heart shaped face, my age and lifestyle.  BRING IT!

Love youse guys!



11 thoughts on “And it begins…

  1. I like your distinction between the fears. I always remind myself that the fear is just the fear; the fear is not ME. And it’s exactly what you say: sometimes it means run like hell, and sometimes it’s something for me to move towards and into, because that’s where the next learning or challenge or adventure is.

    Looking forward to the pics! Good work!

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