Surviving The Absence Of Control: My Week Of The Missing Routine

This week has been an emotional and physical roller coaster.  My normal routine was thrown out the window on Monday, and it didn’t return until this morning.

I don’t deal well with chaos, or what I perceive as a lack of control in my life.

YeahYeahYeah I know. Meh.

However, I rolled with it, and came up with some wonderful moments.  The things that didn’t get done, didn’t kill me, and the things that took the place of what I consider routine, were absolute blessings.  For instance, I got to see LOTS of my daughter Katie this week.  I got to spend time on a shoot with a favorite musician friend of mine, and get hugs from his family.  I got to create in a different way than I have been recently, revisiting my photography.  I got to spend time in L.A. with a friend, first at a fabulous Italian restaurant, then a Jackson Browne concert at the Greek Theater.  Oh yeah, I chopped my hair off on Wednesday, a HUGE adjustment, but gratefully,

New hair. It’s kinda cute! Lots of ways to style this cut, but honestly, I’m looking forward to the gray growing out, so I can let the length grow out again!

just in time to see the weather turn searing hot here in So. Cal.  A spontaneous visit from my son and his girlfriend last night went into the wee hours.  I loved every moment, truly, and the healing processes I’ve worked so hard to achieve, have been present all week.


Today I’m regrouping, setting aside time to answer emails that have gone far too long without a response.  Next, I’ll need to decide if I’ll begin the editing process on the photo shoot or do some sewing on my latest quilt top that didn’t get touched all week.  Oh, and there’s bills that need to be paid as well lol!

(BTW…..while I was at a baby shower yesterday, my very bored hubby did the neglected laundry AND cleaned the entire kitchen.  Wow! Less for me to do today, more time to create if I so choose.  Love that guy!)

I’m wishing you a wonderful, peaceful day, my friends.  I keep reminding myself, this too shall pass…I’m breathing easier today, and taking with me the fact that though this week was uncomfortable, staying with the positive moments and feelings helped me to enjoy everything that came to me, especially the unexpected and the unplanned!



2 thoughts on “Surviving The Absence Of Control: My Week Of The Missing Routine

  1. You already know I love your hair! 🙂 And while you may have felt out of control last week, you wrote about and focused only on the positives! I think that’s wonderful and so healing! And to me, it sounds like you had a great week! Keep Smiling Dori!! Yes, this too shall pass!

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