About me 

cuz it’s all about me lol!

I’m a wife (since 1979), mother to three adult children and grandmother to one.  I’m a homemaker who loves to read, write, stitch, tat, knit, sew and quilt.  I share a blog about hobbies (hobbiesuptohere.com) with my daughter Katie as well as a podcast by the same name that can be found on iTunes.

I’m also a retired “gig” photographer.  I specialized in live performances, promos and photographs for CD’s.

Though I write primarily for myself, it’s my hope that others may identify with what I’m sharing, and, better yet, be inspired to dig deep within themselves.

I love commas and exclamation marks, laughter, learning new skills and points of view…come on, feed me!


5 thoughts on “About me 

    1. Ohhhhh Miss Clare! You feed my heart, laugh muscles and soul my friend! Works for me! Looking forward for your food post.
      (Oh goodness, just drooled on meself!!!😜)

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